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Survival Guide: Selling Your Home in the Fall

Autumn is a great time to stick that for sale sign in your yard. It’s the second most popular season and the lovely colors, aroma, and moderate weather help showcase the beauty of your home. There are several ways to help your home sell this fall. Don’t worry, none of these tips will break the bank. This survival guide will help you get your home staged for future buyers.

  • Clean: Curb appeal and good housekeeping help homes sell. You’ll want to clean up the leaves and twigs from your yard. Mow the lawn, trim the trees and bushes, remove any dead flowers, and make sure all summer toys and décor are packed away. Clean the inside of your home and put clutter in storage. Remove anything personal and aim for neutral, clean, and tidy. Some sellers elect to hire a cleaning company to come in once a week while their home in listed.
  • Curb: Wow your potential buyers by embracing the beauty of fall. Place a few pumpkins on the porch, place a pretty wreath on the door. Purchase some orange and yellow mums.
  • Lights: With the shorter days, don’t forget to leave on all the lights. Lights make things dazzle. If you have a fireplace, now is a good time to have it cleaned. Leave a fire on for your potential buyers so they can see it is in working order and feel the warmth.
  • Aroma: Find a scrumptious fall smell. You can use a wax warmer or bake something before you leave. The smell of apple pie is deliciously fall! You could also boil some cinnamon sticks or apple cider on the stove.
  • Cozy: Fall is a great time to show how homey your house can feel. Turn on your heat and make sure your filter has been changed. Check the HVAC system yourself, or have a professional check and clean your system. Buy some new throw blankets and pillows and drape them over chairs.
  • Music: Leave on music at a low volume to set the mood. Classical is always a great choice. Sample different songs and pick one out that embraces your fall theme.
  • Call your team at Matt Evans when you are thinking about or ready to sell. We are have a lot of experience selling during the fall and can support you through the entire process with dedication and care. 219-241-8401.