Region Adventures Showcasing news and information for the region (Northwest Indiana) en-us 6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Credit Do you wish your credit score was better? If so, you aren’t alone. According to Experian, the average credit score in Indiana is 699. This puts many Indianan’s in the “good” category. And while this isn’t an awful score, people in the “very good” and “excellent” categories might get better interest rates – saving them money. Credit scores are 3-digit numbers that decide our financial fate; they have power. Why Visit a Local Family Fun Center? Dazzling lights, exciting noises, bright colors – isn’t the fair magical? Unfortunately, fairs are seasonal. Summer comes and goes and takes its cotton candy and Ferris Wheel with it. However, the fun of the fair might be just down the street. Family fun centers, like Zao Island in Valparaiso, have the spirit of the fair year-round. What to Cook for Your Next Party Do you have a party on your calendar? It is good manners to bring the host a little gift. It is a kind gesture, as being a host is stressful. There is cleaning, cooking, and setup that requires time and money. You can show your appreciation with a little gift. Sure, a bottle of wine is easy and fast. But when you make a delicious, memorable dish, its a bellowing, “Thank you!” Dream Vacations-Tracy Rust Whether it is snorkeling in Aruba, sight-seeing in Rome, or shopping in France, Tracy Rust is passionate about making dreams reality. Tracy spent most of her career in the insurance industry, where she discovered a knack for organizing corporate incentive trips. With her love of travel and talent for organizing and planning, Tracy opened her own travel agency. Camping for Newbies Part III Life Hacks for Camping Camping is the ultimate escape – but it isn’t easy. However, there are clever life hacks that make camping simpler! Welcome back to the Camping for Newbies series on Region Adventures. In this series, we explored what to bring and where to camp. Today, we will discuss some ingenious hacks! Camping for Newbies Part II: Where to Camp? Welcome back to our Camping for Newbies series! If you missed our first installment, CLICK HERE to read our Ultimate To-Bring List. Today we will work through where to camp with some simple tips I’ve picked up as a newbie camper. Blogs are Powerful in Marketing: Here’s Why Words have power. They can melt a heart, light a flame and inspire. Words compel others to act. That is why harnessing the power of words is important in marketing. Your website sets you apart from the competition and its words are the driving force of action. Words let your customer know when, where and how to find you – but they can do more. A blog allows you to fully harness the power of words. 5 Simple Strategies to Save for Summer Splash! Sun! Sand! Do you wish you saved up for a summer vacation? Perhaps you did save, but it wasn’t enough. Saving for fun things like vacation can be simple. The planning process only requires a few tweaks in your habits and budget. Planning is easy, but consistency will make all the difference. Stick to your plan and don’t let minor setbacks squash your summer dreams! Camping for Newbies Part I: The Ultimate To-Bring List Why camp? There are many reasons to pack your bags and head to nature’s playground. Some people camp to feel like a kid again. They enjoy reliving childhood memories through the eyes of their own children. Others might appreciate an affordable getaway. It won’t cost a fortune to grab a tent and some marshmallows and visit a local campground. Plus, camping allows you to turn off your phone and finally read that paperback. It is the ultimate escape! Clean the Beach: Here’s How Dreaming of a beach vacation? Why not load up the car and head to Lake Michigan? Afterall, Summer 2020 is not conducive for travel due to COVID-19. We are fortunate to have a playground of sand and water right in our backyard in Northwest Indiana. But before you slather yourself with sunscreen and unroll your trusty beach towel, consider doing your part. There are organized beach cleanups – or you could start your own!