There's always an adventure waiting for you with

Region Adventures


For us the region is the Chicagoland area, Lake, Porter, La Porte, and Starke County Indiana. It's a big area but everything within an hours drive for most families. There's a lot to do and the more we have lived in the area the more undiscovered adventures we find. Many of these places have big budgets to get the word out but those magical gems often don't have those big budgets. So it was our desire to showcase everyone and make it affordable (e.g. free).

What is our value proposition?

What does Region Adventures offer from other solutions like the Yellow Pages directory?

  • It's 100% free for everything (unless you want to advertise -- which is not a requirement).
  • You can have professionals write up about your business.
  • You receive your own custom web page that showcases all your information.
  • You can see how many people are reading, clicking, and engaging with your content in real-time.
  • You can add news amp; events you are wanting people to know about.
  • You can list jobs to anyone wanting to know about open positions.
  • You can add your own articles beyond the one we will do for you.
  • Again, everything is free. It's a new take on what being part of the community is.

If you want to learn more about Region Adventures read our About page here.