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About Region Adventures


Not everyone has the money or desire to get their information out there. We continue to run across artists and bands that have a passion, a great talent, and no way of telling their story to the masses. Being a marketing company we do believe that if you can afford marketing you should pay for it as marketing does cost money. This doesn't mean you can't have your story told for free.

Region Adventures is fully funded through advertising on this site, revenue generated by Valpo Shirts, and the philanthropy of John and Holly Marx to help support the region. We say the region very broadly. This covers all of Northwest Indiana. This means we start at the Illinois border in Lake County, Porter County, La Porte County, and currently we are stopping in Starke County.

Is it truly free? There must be a catch!

Our owner, John Marx, is not your normal everyday person. He doesn't live in a box (we don't think he knows what one is). He gives back and he wants us to mix things up. There is one catch! See, we knew it! The one catch is you can have only one story written about your business by our authors once per year. That's it! You can submit articles monthly, send us any news and events about your business, or even about job postings. Yes, all of that is free too.

I'm sold (if it cost anything) – Sign Me Up

Just email our editor at that you want to be part of this and we'll shoot you back a quick questionnaire (business name, address, logo, website and social links, and a brief bio about you [we will even help you write that if you need help]). No business is too big, too small, or too new to be part of this.


Like we said we pay for this site with advertising. Nothing in life is free. You must work for it and do good to achieve success. If you wish to advertise on this site click here to learn more information about advertising.

How hard was it to create Region Adventures?

You could say it's taken us twenty years as everything you see on this site is part of our YETI Beast Content Management System (CMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

The system started out in 1998 as a way for a hotel management company to manage their 20+ properties without having people know HTML. This is before WordPress existed. Over the years it grew to support online magazines, and recently real estate.

Everything you see is 100% out of the box. It was setup in a matter of 8 hours (start to finish) which included the first two articles being written, the first companies added, and getting some events to showcase.

We are considering this the next evolution in our technology as we bring it to the masses and help drive awareness throughout "The Region" of Northwest Indiana and then beyond.

Company Timeline


  • JM2 Webdesigners Started


  • Region Adventures process started


  • Rebranded to Business YETI


  • Started Valpo Shirts for custom apparel for small quantities with 3-day turnaround
  • Region Adventures launched