Advertising Opportunities

Let's start off with the basics to get started.

Free Members (non-paying)

  • If you don't pay you will get one article for free. Plain and simple. Read our about on why this is free and how you can get it.
  • Enhanced Business Page
    • List basic information about your business with logo
    • Links to your website and social media accounts
    • Links to your website and social media accounts
    • List additional photos to showcase your business
    • Articles
      • Our writers will write four unique articles about your business each year (one per quarter)
      • You can submit as many additional articles you wish (or post them yourself)
    • Jobs
      • Place and submit your jobs online with the ability to collect an online resume
    • News & Events
      • Submit your own news and events
      • You can send us your news and events and we'll post them
    • Statistics - this allows you to see the true value and performance of what you are paying for
      • Your own login to our site to get statistics on how everything is performing.
      • See how many times your page has been visited.
      • See how many times your articles have been read.
      • Know how many times your ad has shown and how many clicks have been done on your ad

Image Sizes

Below are the approved file height and width for each aspect of our system. If an image is sent that doesn't meet the criteria below it will be adjusted and may delay your item being published. All images will be adjusted based on the viewers screen size.

  • Company Logo: 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall
  • Blog Image: 1,200 pixels wide by 630 pixels tall
  • Job Image: 1,200 pixels wide by 630 pixels tall
  • News & Events Image: 1,200 pixels wide by 630 pixels tall
  • Ad image sizes
    • Right Side: 450 pixels wide by 450 pixels tall
    • Bottom: 450 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall

Paying Members

The information here is priced to be fair and being you are paying you will get a few extras that are not provided for free.

  • Everything that is ever added to the free members program above
  • Ability to update your information yourself. You can always ask us and we'll do it for you as well.
  • Advertisements - heck this is what you're paying for after all
    • Update the ad yourself
    • Show on one, or more, of the following pages
    • Homepage (side or bottom)
    • All other pages (side or bottom)
    • See your statistics on the ad(s)
    • The bottom image displays on all pages. The side image may not show on all pages.


We believe in up front, no hassle, and transparent pricing that anyone can afford. Below are your pricing options

  • Non-Business YETI Clients
    • Right Side: $50/month
    • Bottom: $20/month
  • Business YETI Clients
    • Right Side: $35/month
    • Bottom: $15/month
  • 501c3 Organizations
    • Right Side: $25/month
    • Bottom: $10/month

501c3 Information: You must provide appropriate paperwork to get this pricing.


  • Terms are for 12 months
  • Credit card is required to be on file and billed at the 1st of the month (we will pro-rate your first month)
  • After the first 12 months we roll you into a month-to-month basis and continues until you tell us to stop.
  • 10% discount for paying annually
  • Price locked that your prices will not go up