5 Hacks to Sell Your Home in the Winter

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5 Hacks to Sell Your Home in the Winter

People move during all times of the year. Maybe there is a new job opportunity, a deadline, a lease is up, or a change is in order. Even if winter isn’t the height of real estate season, there are still people who want to buy your house.

Here are 5 hacks to sell your home during winter months:

  • Curb appeal: There are days when white snow blankets the ground, and others where it is a muddy mess. Outdoors during the winter needs a little extra TLC. Make sure all dead leaves and twigs are removed. Spruce up the area by the front door with a simple wreath, faux flowers, and a new welcome mat. New outdoor light fixtures or a new front door are affordable changes that can help your curb appeal. Make sure the ice from the sidewalk is removed. You don’t want potential buyers slipping!
  • Keep it cozy: Keep your home nice and warm so buyers feel welcomed and relaxed. Make them feel ‘at home’! Perhaps have the savory aroma of baking cookies (just don’t burn them!) and some soft mood music.
  • Clean and declutter: This goes for any season, but it is especially true in winter. When a buyer walks in, you want them to feel like your home is a fresh breath of air. In winter, things tend to get dusty and muddy. Make sure for your showings, your home is spotless (or close to it, anyway). Leave on all the lights to allow as much light as possible. Winters are dark, make your home a bright, happy place to be.
  • Paint: Yes, you can paint during the winter! If you don’t have time or the funds to paint everything, painting the doors and main living spaces makes a huge difference. Make sure you go with light neutral colors for a fresh, clean appearance.
  • Pictures: If you have any photos of your home in the spring and summer when the grass was lush and the flowers were in bloom, why not leave a few out for buyers to see? Preferably select photos without people in them…you want your buyer to imagine themselves as homeowners. Be sure to leave photos of any key features outside, like the pool or garden.

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