5 Secrets of Adding Value to Your Home

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5 Secrets of Adding Value to Your Home

Do want top dollar in your home’s sale? Of course, you do! Make sure your upgrade has a great return of investment. Here are 5 secrets to adding value to your home.

    Redo your floors.

    Especially if your floors are gross! Homebuyers love fresh floors, and you don’t have to invest a fortune. You can install laminate or tile for a good return on investment. Let’s face it, old, lived-in floors make an entire room look worn out; particularly if you have carpets. Redoing your floors will allow you enjoy your home while waiting for that buyer.

    Upgrade your landscaping.

    Landscaping is a do-it-yourself, cost effective way to add value and curb appeal to your home. It doesn’t have to be a big project, even removing dead plants and putting down fresh mulch, you are improving your yard. To go the extra mile, why not install an irrigation system? Buyers will love that feature and it will help to keep your lawn lush and green. You can install affordable, sun-powered lights to add sparkle.

    Paint it!

    Are your doors, walls, cabinets or other place in your home dirty and worn? Paint it! Paint is a wonderful way to add value and enhance the appearance of your home. In fact, it’s a known trick in real estate to revitalize your home and sell quicker. But don’t just wing it. Do a good job painting, make sure you place drop cloths, remove outlet covers and trim, spackle holes, and apply more than one coat if needed.

    Focus on Bathroom.

    Bathrooms sell homes. You don’t need a complete renovation if your bathroom is in decent shape. Remove and replace old chalk, paint, re-grout tiles, replace shower curtain, and anything else that makes the bathroom look dated or dirty.

    Focus on your Kitchen.

    Kitchens also sell homes. You can paint or refinish your cabinets and replace your knobs easily. Adding a contemporary back splash and minimizing visible clutter makes your kitchen look like a showroom.