A Career Cat’s Tale at Porter Bank

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 Written By Kyle Hovanec

A Career Cat’s Tale at Porter Bank


A gray puff fur and a meow like a whisper – I don’t know how she even spotted me. Fate brought her to me, my furless mother. How else can you explain it, other than fate? The odds were stacked against me.

The leaves were shades of amber and gold when I came in this world. Everything was purrfect until something happened to my mommy cat. She went mouse hunting and never returned! There I was: alone and out of luck on the side of a road. I was just two weeks old and weighed a mere 13 oz. – smaller than a coffee cup! When Furless Mom found me, I fit in the palm of her hand. Things have changed since those days of teeny-tiny. I am now a healthy, full-grown cat with many furless mothers, fathers, and friends. I live in big house filled with love, green paper, and silver coins. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Where are my manners? Hello, my name is Interest. I am a feline on staff at Porter Bank.  My job is Front Door Salutations Manager. It’s a fancy title, right? I have 11 years of experience under my fur. It’s a sweet gig! I have my own chef, maid, and chauffer. I even have a hair salon on wheels visit me. The job pays well and it is as easy as catnip. My only duty is to walk around and say “hi.” (I pronounce it “meow”, but my family and customers understand.) I also make my way around the departments to check in on my co-workers/family. It is a busy life as a career cat, but I do get time off. On weekends and holidays, someone comes in to feed me and visit and I get the rest of the time to relax. I wouldn’t trade my family and career for all the fish in the sea!

I know most banks don’t have Front Door Salutations Managers. This is obvious by the surprised, cheerful faces of new customers. I love seeing both new and familiar humans, even though the short ones with sticky fingers are a little scary. My family chuckles when customers stop by just to see me. I must be a good at my job and that makes me purr.

One of my furless mothers, Dana Hopkins, Consumer Loan Officer, says my story is, “From gutter to golden plate.” It is true; I am a local celebrity! I was even featured in the Duneland Chamber Magazine. But I didn’t let that go to my head. Truly, I am just a long-haired calico that is afraid of balloons and enjoys faux mice. But my furless family and friends love me just the way I am!

We have something very special at Porter Bank. From the day Mr. Ruge gave a puny, gray, orphaned kitten a home, I have witnessed how wonderful a community bank can be. We work together to make our bank a home and to help support the dreams of our neighbors and friends.

Why not come in a pay me and my family a visit? We would love to get to know you and show you friendly banking built on trust. CLICK HERE to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you, soon!