Blogs are Powerful in Marketing: Here’s Why

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Blogs are Powerful in Marketing: Here’s Why

Words have power. They can melt a heart, light a flame and inspire. Words compel others to act. That is why harnessing the power of words is important in marketing. Your website sets you apart from the competition and its words are the driving force of action. Words let your customer know when, where and how to find you – but they can do more. A blog allows you to fully harness the power of words.

What are blogs? Blogs are internet articles written for the everyday reader and researcher. They highlight your expertise on a subject and generate leads. However, not all blogs are the same. Blogs should be creative, concise, informative and interesting. Well-written blogs, formatted and designed for a target audience, allow you to communicate to the masses – even as you sleep.

Why do you need blogs as a part of your marketing strategy?

  • Blogs help people discover you. People consult Google for just about anything – you want Google to point them to you. For example, someone may type in: “How do I change my toilet?”, “When should I paint?”, “How do I get rid of carpenter ants?” The goal of blogs is to drive internet traffic to you by answering common inquiries. Carefully crafted blogs will inspire readers to reach out to you, the expert, for help. You may have heard the buzz word “SEO”, which stands for, “Search Engine Optimization.” Blogs are the help with SEO due to the key words within the text. Plus, consistent, new content communicates to Google’s algorithms that your website is active and this helps your website to be found.


  • Blogs are a bridge between social media and your website. Business pages on Facebook look the same. Therefore, you want people to visit your website to get to know your brand. When you share your blogs to social platforms, traffic is driven to your website. Also, the more traffic your website gets, the easier you are found online. Having a consistent blog schedule, like monthly blogs, causes your website to increase in popularity.


  • Blogs change readers into customers. Providing a future customer with expert advice builds trust and compels them to hire you. For example, someone looking to save money might google the keywords, “toilet problems”. Here is an example of a blog by Mike’s Plumbing. Using strategic words to get clicks like, “guide, easy and quick”, customers learn a little about toilet problems and are inspired to hire it out. This is why blogs are magical – someone could be looking to do it themselves but hire you instead. Each blog will have a call-to-action that easily shows readers how to contact you.


  • Blogs are a longstanding way to attract leads. When a search engine indexes a blog, there it stays. This means that a blog posted today can continuously generate leads for years. Plus, you can always alter information or remove the blog when something changes. You can also check stats from your blog posts such as, how any people visited and how many times your links were clicked. Blogs are a long-term tool that generate leads overtime. On the other hand, blogs can be season-specific or about an event. These aren’t considered “evergreen” but they allow you to communicate valuable information and updates with your customers. Clever blogs will provide readers with a variety of interesting, highly-sought topics and incorporate photos, graphics and/or video.



  • Blogs paint the picture of you. What is your story? Why should customers choose you instead of anyone else? In modern times, people are on their devices for hours a day. Many would rather consult the web than ask questions to other individuals. Blogs are way to reach through the screen and give you a voice. Through the 1’s and 0’s of code, you can showcase your personality, passions and industry knowledge. Blogs allow you to be a leader in your community at your customers’ fingertips.


The best aspect about blogs: words will never go out of style. Even though marketing methods go through trends, search engines showing you first (without paying thousands of dollars in ads) will always be smart marketing. And although the general population aren’t avid readers, most everyone searches the internet for answers. That is why it is important to have blogs written for your audience. People are busy and need quick answers; they also need technical information made simple.

At Business Yeti, we have extensive knowledge on crafting blogs as a part of our marketing packages. One of the best aspects of our content writing department is that you can contribute as much, or as little to the process as you want. Not everyone enjoys writing and blogs shouldn’t be an extra chore on your busy schedule. You can point us in a general direction or have specific input or completely write them yourself with support and proofreading. What’s more, our content department extends past blogs into press releases, official statements, business letters, editing and proofreading.

Every business is unique. For that reason, we work with you to customize your marketing package to meet your needs. For more information, you can fill out our form by CLICKING HERE. You can also call us at: 855-262-1314, email us at: or visit our website at: