Camping for Newbies Part III Life Hacks for Camping

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Camping for Newbies Part III Life Hacks for Camping

Camping is the ultimate escape – but it isn’t easy. However, there are clever life hacks that make camping simpler! Welcome back to the Camping for Newbies series on Region Adventures. In this series, we explored what to bring and where to camp. Today, we will discuss some ingenious hacks!

Let’s face it, camping isn’t like staying at an all-inclusive resort. It can be messy and challenging. The packing and food prep require strategy. Plus, the inflatable mattress is far from luxurious. But don’t let that deter you! With some ingenuity, you can enjoy camping to the fullest.

Here is our list of Life Hacks for Camping.


  1. Shoe Organizer for Supplies: Hang a plastic shoe organizer in your tent or on your clothesline for easy organization. For example, place things like OFF, first-aid items, UNO cards, flashlights, hand towels and hand sanitizer in the slots. This allows for easy access and keeps you from misplacing all the smaller odds and ends.



  2. Easy Fires: It is best for the environment to avoid using leaves and twigs as kindling. Removing these disrupts the natural humus. Instead, bring dryer lint packed into individual cardboard toilet paper roll. This makes for a fast, easy way to start your campfire! Some chips like Doritos, Fritos and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are also great for kindling.


  3. Boredom Busters: Children get bored – never fear! Take a shoe box full of boredom busters. Some ideas include cards, portable checkers, Mad Libs, crossword puzzles, coloring, travel-sized games like “In a Pickle”, a book of riddles, scavenger hunt lists, friendship bracelet supplies, and art supplies. If you have space for it, why not pack a volleyball net or the kids’ bikes? Additionally, Wi-Fi may be unavailable, so perhaps bring a handheld game like Nintendo DS or a portable DVD player. Yes, camping is about escaping technology, but a dash of tech everyday might be in order. (Hey, Mom and Dad need a break!)


  4. Bring Spider Spray: You likely added OFF to your list. In fact, it might be the first thing that you pack. Most people don’t think to bring spider spray, too. Using this repellent, you can spray around your tent or camper, as directed by the bottle. This will help these critters from crawling in your temporary home.


  5. Collapsible Hamper for Trash: Your site might not have a trashcan. In order to throw anything away, you may have to take a hike to the dumpster. Since your site will accumulate trash, but trashcans take up valuable packing space, purchase a collapsible laundry hamper. You can put your favorite garbage liner and go to the dumpster once a day.


  6. Portable Washing Machine: Did you know you could purchase a portable, non-electric washing machine? Camping is a dirty experience so instead of packing tons of clothes, you could invest in this product. This especially comes in handy for families with children.


  7. Dryer Sheets in Luggage: To dissuade creepy-crawlies from entering your suitcase, place some dryer sheets inside. The bonus is that you stuff will smell fresh!


  8. Coffee Cup Snuggler: To keep your drinks cold or hot at your campsite, be sure to check out  our partners at Coffee Cup Snuggler for a customized Coffee Cup Snuggler, or can koozie. If you found this blog helpful, be sure to share it with friends. We love shout outs! 


I hope you found this complete series helpful! Now that you have some insider tips from a former newbie, go explore the wilderness your loved ones and create beautiful memories!


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