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Let’s face it. Everyone loves money. But not everyone loves to save their money. It can be a very difficult thing to do whether you just like to spend it, or you don’t have much wiggle room in your budget to set some aside, or an unexpected expense came up that you had to take care of. Saving money isn’t actually as hard as you may think. If you are organized with your budget, you can figure out how much money to put away for savings every paycheck. Here are some of the easiest ways to save money.

1.Open a savings account

Having a savings account is a very efficient way to save money. You can easily transfer money into it and take it out when you're ready to use it for something special. It is also a handy way to keep tracks of your savings funds.

2. Get a Piggy Bank

Sometimes a good old fashion piggy bank can easily do the trick. If you have a problem with fishing into your savings for unnecessary use, you can glue the plug shut so that way the only way to get your money out is to break the bank.

3. Carpool

Driving everywhere sucks up so much money in gas. Carpooling to work or school with friends can easily save you a ton of money in no time.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Spending

Going to the movies, or shopping, and eating out are all things that you shouldn't do if you are trying to save money. You need to prioritize what is important. Going to Starbucks every day? Or saving up for a car that you desperately need? Unless a friend is paying, you should stay home.

5. Buy in Bulk and Save Coupons

Buying your canned goods in bulk is a great way to save money over the long term. Coupons are a great way to save money on groceries and other everyday items. Start clipping them from the insert in your newspaper or go to a website and print them out.


Hopefully, these tips can help you learn how to save money. If you are having struggles with budgeting your money, give Porter State Bank a call at 219-926-2136 and one of our agents would be happy to speak with you.