Dream Vacations-Tracy Rust

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Dream Vacations-Tracy Rust

Whether it is snorkeling in Aruba, sight-seeing in Rome, or shopping in France, Tracy Rust is passionate about making dreams reality.

Tracy spent most of her career in the insurance industry, where she discovered a knack for organizing corporate incentive trips. With her love of travel and talent for organizing and planning, Tracy opened her own travel agency.

For the past 5 years, Tracy has made vacation dreams come true. She opened Dream Vacations and serves customers from all over the Region. Tracy is an expert at creating custom, designer vacations for her customers. She books from all 7 continents, ocean cruises, river cruises, tours, destination weddings, yoga retreats, biking tours, and more. Tracy takes care of that contracts and negotiates prices on behalf of her customers. She makes sure they get the best value.

According to Tracy, there are several advantages to working with a travel agent. Many people forgo a travel agency and book vacations online, thinking it will save them money. However, working with an experienced agent, like Tracy, saves you money and time. In fact, on average person will save $450 and 5 hours of work just by choosing to use an agent.

Also, using a travel agent might save you headache. For example, even if you have room numbers close to each other, are you sure you aren’t on the other side of the ship from your friend? This is a snag that Tracy caught and saved her customer’s vacation!

Tracey travels several times a year. She loves the peacefulness of the ocean and the serenity of the mountains. Tracy travels because of her passion for exploring the world and also to research the best vacation destinations for her customers. Tracy knows the importance of a well-planned vacation and loves that she can provide that for her customers. 

Tracy’s favorite part of being a travel agent is helping to create incredible memories that last a life time. She loves to take all the stress of her customers shoulders so they relax and enjoy!

For more information call (574) 772-0809 or (855) 447-8389 or visit her website