Why Visit a Local Family Fun Center?

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Why Visit a Local Family Fun Center?

Dazzling lights, exciting noises, bright colors – isn’t the fair magical? Unfortunately, fairs are seasonal. Summer comes and goes and takes its cotton candy and Ferris Wheel with it. However, the fun of the fair might be just down the street. Family fun centers, like Zao Island in Valparaiso, have the spirit of the fair year-round.

Local family fun centers usually have special attractions like Go Karts, Laser Tag, and Mini-Golf. Many are equipped with a room of arcade games. It is wholesome fun for the entire family – even the youngest members. Family fun centers feel like a vacation. But unlike a traditional vacation, you don’t have to plan; just show up and enjoy. You will leave with a clear mind and ready to tackle the world.

Have you ever marveled at how time flies? Our days are filled with deadlines, obligations, meetings and stress. Even children have stress at school with exams and sports. It’s chaos! That is why your local family fun center makes a great escape. Afterall, it is difficult to worry about anything when you are there. The lights, sounds, and smells captivate all your senses. Another sense to be tantalized is taste. Come hungry because there is delicious food to enjoy. For example, Zao Island has phenomenal pizza!

Family fun centers bring back fond memories. You can be loud, laugh and feel like a kid again. Best of all, new memories are made. The experience is sure to linger in your kids’ minds. Looking back, they will remember the fun that had with family.

There is plenty of memories to be made, right here in the Region! Check out just a few:

Zao Island

1050 Horse Prairie Ave, Valparaiso

 (219) 462-1194

Jak's Warehouse

221 US Highway 41 Ste F, Schererville

(219) 322-5257


101 Joliet St, Dyer

 (219) 322-5333

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